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Do people even Blog anymore?

If you follow me on my social media pages you will have heard that I am embarking on my next adventure; a podcast. I have a very lovely, super professional and ever so slightly pushy Producer called Drew who has told me that I must start blogging. I listen to people of authority, aside from the lady on my Sat Nav, so here I am, blogging, because Drew told me to.

But I wonder, do people even blog anymore? I am sat in a co-working cafe near home with a coffee, writing on my laptop, feeling ever so fancy and work-like. That is an official phrase, lots of young professionals use it. I can't help but feel a little less business in the city and more Sex in the City.

I couldn't help but wonder...

I should probably have started blogging months ago, as soon as I became a Celebrant. Given that this vocation is hugely based on my ability to write engaging content, it would make total sense that I illustrate my craft online to potential clients. However until now, I have solely relied on my Instagram by way of marketing and somehow without a physical guarantee I can actually write, couples all over the UK have entrusted me to create their perfect ceremony. It's all in the delivery. That's what I tell the JustEat bloke.

The thing is I tend to write how I speak, so perhaps when reading my work you will notice the odd spelling error or grammatical mistake. I can't bring myself to write (pause for dramatic effect) but I do just that. Pause for laughter cannot be written down in a serious fashion but in reality my ceremonies are bloody hilarious and so there I am pausing, left, right and center.

So I am sat here, blogging. I want to know what you would like to read about. I want to write something that may help you on your wedding journey. I want to hear from you so that when I blog, when I start my podcast I can talk about topics that will inspire and guide. I also want to write utter bollocks, because that is the kind of person I am. If you are reading this you are already following me on socials, so fingers crossed you like my style; you don't mind that I just wrote bollocks. I feel naughty though, should I delete bollocks?

I couldn't help but wonder...will Drew tell me off for saying bollocks? I promise dearest Producer, my next blog will be far more professional.

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