What's this all about then?

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Is a Celebrant led wedding a legal ceremony?

Not at the moment no, although we are trying! As it stands a Celebrant led wedding is not legal. I would suggest you book an appointment either just before or just after your wedding date, at your local Registry Office. Signing the legal Document of Marriage can take as little as ten minutes. If you want your wedding day with me to 'look legal' we can sign a document, take photos etc Whilst it may not be legally binding, make no mistake your wedding with me is your wedding, the day you become married to your best friend, in front of everyone you love, paper or not.

How much involvement will I need to have after you've been booked to lead our wedding day?

As much or as little as you'd like. After you've booked with me, you are welcome to leave me to it or have your input. I will need some information from you to make sure the ceremony content is totally personal and appropriate, and the final seal of approval is up to you. Every ceremony is different so I will follow your lead.

How far in advance should I book our wedding ceremony with you?

The wedding world is a funny one, where time flies by warp speed. People usually book their wedding date 12-18 months in advance. I always suggest you book the big stuff straight away, as soon as you have the date. I have met, created for and married a couple in less than 4 weeks before, so don't worry it's too short notice! 

Can you marry us in any location at any time?

Absolutely, that is one of the best things about a Celebrant-led wedding. A Registrar can only perform ceremonies in a licensed venue, but a Celebrant can perform a ceremony anywhere you fancy. No location is too far fetched, too strange or too personal, think outside the box. I would suggest you get married somewhere meaningful, beautiful and big enough for the party!

Does it matter how old my child is if I would like to book you for their Naming?

Not at all, it is totally up to you. It is a lovely idea, if you have adopted an older child, or perhaps you have remarried and changed their last name. A Naming Ceremony can be whatever you want it to be, so their age is not an issue. Cake is encouraged from zero to ninety!